Psychological Harassment Policy



Workplace violence is one of the hazards employers must protect against. Violence doesn’t simply mean good old assault and battery. Many jurisdictions, including BC, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec, also require employers to control bullying, intimidation and other forms of psychological harassment. Creating a written policy on psychological harassment is one of the things employers are required to do.


We’ve created a Model Policy that you can adapt for your own workplace. Although the Policy you use must be tailored to your company and workplace, the Model Policy includes the elements a policy should list, including:

  • A statement of management’s commitment to prevent and not tolerate psychological harassment in the workplace
  • A definition of psychological harassment—including conduct that is not harassment;
  • An explanation of how and where it may occur;
  • A statement calling on workers to report incidents of harassment; and
  • An indication of how complaints will be investigated and responded to.

The Model Policy is based on a sample developed by the Ministry of Labour in Ontario but includes a number of improvements that we’ve added, including changes to make the Policy work in whatever jurisdiction you’re in.

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