Model Critical Job Inventory Form



In a perfect work, every job every worker did would be subject to a hazard assessment—but that’s not always practical or realistic. So instead, you should identify which jobs really need a hazard assessment or job safety analysis. To identify and develop an inventory of these so-called “critical jobs,” you should consider the following factors:

  • The frequency and severity of incidents associated with the job
  • The potential for serious injuries, illnesses or fatalities
  • How new a job is in the workplace
  • Changes to the job that may have created new hazards
  • Whether a job is performed so Infrequently that workers may be less familiar with how to do it safely.


Adapt this model critical job inventory form, which was modeled on one created by SafeManitoba, for use in your workplace.  To complete the form, fill in jobs or tasks and the potential losses or injuries that could result from them. Then rate each loss on the basis of its severity, probability and frequency. Using these ratings, you’ll be able to calculate a “critical rating” for each job and thus establish which jobs require hazard assessments.


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