Special Reporting Requirements in Construction


In “construction” work, accidents in which nobody suffers a fatal, critical or disabling injury requiring a written report to the MOL, JHSC, health/safety representative and union, as noted above, must still be reported to the MOL in writing if the incident involves:

a. A worker’s fall of 3 or more metres in vertical distance

b. A worker’s falling and having the fall arrested by a fall arrest system other than a fall restricting system

c. A worker’s becoming unconscious for any reason

d. Accidental contact by a worker or worker’s tool with energized electrical equipment

e. Accidental contact by a crane, similar hoisting device, backhoe, power shovel or other vehicle or equipment or its load with energized electrical conductor of more than 750 volts

f. Structural failure of all or part of a falsework designed by a professional engineer

g. Structural failure of a principal supporting member, including a column, beam, wall or truss of a structure

h. Failure of all or part of the structural supports of a scaffold

i. Structural failure of all or part of an earth- or water-retaining structure, including failure of temporary or permanent supports for a shaft, tunnel, caisson, cofferdam or trench

j. Failure of a wall of an excavation or similar earthwork for which a professional engineer has given a written opinion pronouncing stable

k. Overturning or structural failure of all or part of a crane or similar hoisting device