Background. Under Ontario law, [Company name] is required to report certain kinds of workplace incidents and accidents to Ontario Ministry of Labour (MOL) authorities, the Joint Health and Safety Committee (or health and safety representative), the union and the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (“WSIB”).

Accident Investigation
Workplace accidents and incidents must be promptly investigated by the immediate supervisor of the injured or ill person, or by the person in charge of the area where the incident occurred. The investigation should identify the causes of the accident and assess any hazards that need to be controlled. Supervisors should discuss the incident with relevant staff and decide on suitable risk controls to be implemented. The investigation and corrective actions are to be summarized in the Incident Report & subsequent email.  “Near misses”, incidents with potential for injury or damage should also be reported and investigated. These incidents often serve as warnings that more serious consequences could have resulted.

Report Timing
All internal incident reports must be submitted within 24 hours of the incident. If full details of the incident, injury, investigation and corrective actions are not available within this timeframe, the essential details of the incident or injury as they are known should be submitted initially. Additional information, including details of supervisor investigation and corrective actions, should be submitted via email to [list contact] as soon as possible and no later than one week.

Filing of MOL Accident Report. [Company name] shall submit a written accident report to the MOL, JHSC or health and safety representative and union via [specify reporting method, e.g., online filing] after the occurrence of an accident/incident involving death or critical injuries, i.e., those that:

  • Place life in jeopardy
  • Result in substantial blood loss
  • Involve arm or leg—but not finger or toe—fractures
  • Involve arm, hand, leg or foot—but not finger or toe–amputations
  • Consist of burns to a major portion of the body
  • Cause loss of sight in one eye
  • If a person suffers a disabling but less than fatal or critical injury, within 4 days, send the MOL a report listing:
  • Employer’s name, address & type of business
  • Nature & circumstances of occurrence

5.Filing of WSIB Accident Report. [Company name] shall submit a written accident report on WSIB Form 7 via [specify reporting method, e.g., online filing] to the WCB within 3 days after the occurrence of an accident/incident:

a. Resulting in injury or death; or

b. Resulting in the worker’s being eligible for medical aid under Workers’ Compensation.

6. Contents of Accident Reports. The OHS and WCB Accident Reports shall include:

  • The names and workplace positions of all persons who were killed, harmed, injured, disabled or hurt in the accident;
  • The date, time and place of the accident;
  • The date and time the Company learned of the accident;
  • The cause of the accident;
  • A description of the injury; and
  • The medical treatment required.

If the cause of the accident is unknown, specify this in the Accident Report.

Do not list any theories or speculations regarding the cause or blame in the Accident Report.

Do not list any other information except that stated above in the Accident Report.