New Charges in Lac-Mégantic Derailment Against Companies & Individuals

The federal government laid new charges in the 2013 train derailment disaster in Lac-Mégantic, QC under the Railway Safety Act and the Fisheries Act. The Public Prosecution Service of Canada laid charges against both Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Canada, and Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway Ltd. The six individuals charged are former railway president Robert Grindrod, company executives Lynne Ellen Labonte and Kenneth Strout, train driver Thomas Harding, manager of train operations Jean Demaitre and the company’s assistant transportation director, Mike Horan. Those six, along with railway traffic controller Richard Labrie, each face a federal Fisheries Act charge for the crude oil that flowed into Lac-Mégantic and the Chaudiere River after the incident [Govt. News Release, June 22, 2015].