Social Media Privacy and Discipline: Workplace Challenges

Recorded Date: March 2

Time: 9 AM EST

Speaker: Jeremy Schwartz

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More than ever before we live and work digitally, and so our online private and work activities intersect in constant and unforeseen ways. This session will discuss workplace management, compliance and disciplinary considerations for this digital age.  During this session we will explore:


  • Employee online activities and whether discipline is appropriate/available as a response
  • Workplace cyber-bullying and harassment
  • Employees’ “expectation of (electronic) privacy”
  • How to effectively utilize social media and electronic device policies


Jeremy Schwartz is a Partner at Stringer LLP, a leading boutique employers’ labour and employment law firm in Toronto, Canada.  Jeremy routinely advises and represents employers regarding labour and employment, occupational health and safety, and human rights matters.  When he’s not representing employers in health and safety prosecutions and civil actions or in applications before courts, tribunals, labour boards and arbitrators, he is busy guiding employers to manage effectively, minimize liability and avoid litigation in the first place.  Jeremy enjoys sharing his love of skiing and swimming with his two daughters, he is a determined but terrible golfer, and he enjoys taking on projects around the house – to justify buying new tools.