Literacy & Essential Skills Survey


The 6th Essential Skills Day will take place on Sept. 25, 2015, to raise awareness of the importance of workplace literacy and essential skills training. These essential skills are the foundation for all other skills, and enable people to evolve with their jobs, adapt to workplace change and do their jobs safely.


Use this survey to gather employee feedback on essential skills in the workplace. Give it to all company employees or a select group of employees. Let them submit their responses anonymously and assure them that their individual responses will be kept confidential. To score the responses:

  1. Collect all completed surveys.
  2. For each statement, count the number of times each skill was checked off by an employee.
  3. Enter the totals in the chart provided. For example, if five employees checked off reading for statement #1, enter five in the box under reading in the first row of the chart.

Look for broad trends, such as most employees indicate that their co-workers need training in a specific skill. Also, identify possible training gaps.

And identify potential links between statement results. For example, if statements #3 and 5 indicate the same skills, employees who’ve received training for a certain skill may be able to recommend an appropriate training program to their co-workers.

You can also use the results to improve other human resources practices. For example, use the information provided in statement #1 to help recruit new employees or develop job descriptions.