Feb. 3: Be Careful Clearing Snow from Roofs


Ensuring that snow loads on roofs don’t accumulate to unsafe levels is required under the OHS Act. So WorkSafeNB reminded employers to take proper precautions to ensure the safety of those who remove snow from rooftops, including:

  • Know the roof’s load limit or have an engineer inspect the roof for any deficiencies that need repair.
  • If it’s safe to work from the roof, ensure workers use a fall protection system.
  • Clear snow in a cross direction to the roof trusses, reducing the stress on all the trusses at the same time.
  • Remove snow evenly from both sides of the roof to avoid concentrating a load in one area.
  • If using mechanized equipment, ensure workers are familiar with the manufacturer’s instructions for safe use and that it isn’t used within three metres of the roof edge.