Manufacturer Fined $20,000 for Failing to Report Broken Leg

A worker for a manufacturer was stacking parts onto a skid when the last part stacked caused the load to tip and fall. His lower leg got trapped under the parts. Once he was freed, he went to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with a fracture of the fibula. He reported his broken leg to a night shift supervisor and gave the supervisor a Form 8 on his injury. The next day, he also phoned the employer and told a supervisor about the broken leg. He later attended a meeting with the manufacturer’s HR staff, where he again indicated that the injury was a broken leg. But the manufacturer didn’t immediately report the critical injury to the MOL as required by OHS law. The manufacturer pleaded guilty to failing to immediately report a critical injury and was fined $20,000 [Walinga Inc., Govt. News Release, Feb. 13, 2014].