Lack of Asbestos Control Plan Costs Company $13,050

A worker was assigned to apply spray foam insulation to the ceiling of a commercial business. Before applying the new insulation, the company owner told the worker to remove the existing insulation. While doing so, a significant amount became airborne, which caused the worker to have trouble breathing. He expressed his concerns to the company owner but wasn’t satisfied with the owner’s response. So he contacted the Workplace Safety and Health Branch and an officer immediately issued a Stop Work Order. An analysis of the existing insulation determined that it contained a significant concentration of asbestos. The employer pleaded guilty to failing to ensure that an asbestos control plan was developed to prevent asbestos-containing material from becoming airborne in the workplace and was fined $13,050 [EcoLogic Spray Foam Insulation, Govt. News Release, July 14, 2016].