Heat Illness Prevention

Presenter: Don Dressler

According to NIOSH, approximately 430 workers died in from exposure to environmental heat over a 15 year time period. The number of reported cases of workers suffering from heat related stress is estimated to be well over 10 times that amount. Every employer with employees who work outside needs a comprehensive Heat Stress Program is in place.

There are proven strategies that you can implement that may not keep your employees cool but that will protect them in high heat conditions.

This Heat Illness Prevention webinar will help employers learn how to protect employees from high heat exposure. It will:

    • Discuss why acclimation is vital for keeping workers safe;
    • Describe in detail the four essentials of heat illness prevention;
    • Review what OSHA requires in terms of keeping workers safe in the heat;
    • Recommend how to put together written procedures that comply with the standards and provide a backbone for a heat illness training program;
    • Describe what the environmental risk factors are for heat illness;
    • Suggest how to assess and evaluate work environment controls and whether they will reduce heat-related illnesses;
    • Review how to train your employees and managers to recognize the signs of heat stress, and what they should do before they do anything else;
    • Recommend what to do in the event of heat illness or emergency and the necessary first-aid steps to take to save lives;
    • Recommend ways to identify and evaluate resources to assist in developing your Heat Illness Prevention Program.