JHSC Self-Assessment Questionnaire

A key component of your OHS programs is the joint health and safety committee (JHSC). In addition, they’re usually required by OHS law. Effective JHSCs help identify safety issues, conduct regular workplace inspections, recommend safety measures and participate in investigations of safety incidents. But how do you know if your JHSC is functioning effectively.


This questionnaire, developed by the Centre for Research Expertise in Occupational Disease (CREOD) and based on Ontario OHS law, provides a guide for JHSC members to follow when evaluating the effectiveness of their committee. It’s intended to:

  • Highlight JHSC strengths, as well as identify areas for improvement;
  • Promote discussion and reflection on the features of a ‘gold-standard’ JHSC; and
  • Foster the development and effectiveness of a JHSC.

Adapt the questionnaire for your jurisdiction’s OHS law on JHSCs (especially section 7 on education and training). For each JHSC feature, there are five descriptions: A state of 1 is suboptimal and a state of 5 is the gold standard. Discussion and reflection on each option are encouraged. Your committee should come to a consensus on which description is most accurate. Note that the response you choose may not reflect your committee exactly. Just circle the number that fits best.



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