Valentine’s Day Message: Top 5 Ways to Love Your Eyes at Work


1 – Have an eye exam.
Seeing clearly can have a huge impact on your ability to perform your job and to do so safely. Have your eyes checked at least every other year to determine whether you need corrective lenses or if your prescription needs adjusting.

2 – Know the safety dangers at work.
It is the responsibility of both you and your employer to be aware of the potential eye hazards on the job. Check MSDS and consider the potential for splashing chemicals, flying debris, dust, sawdust, other harmful materials and gases that could make contact with your eyes.

3 – Choose the right eye protection.
Once you’ve assessed the hazards, be sure to choose safety eyewear that is designed specifically to protect your eyes from them. Consider the fit, coverage, lens tints and coatings that will help the eyewear – and you – perform best all day long.

4 – Wear your eye protection.
It sounds simple, but experts agree that nearly all workplace eye injuries could be avoided by wearing the proper protective eyewear. That includes not taking them off to rub your eyes or clean the lenses until you are out of harm’s way.

5 – Check your eyewear often for damage.
Check for scratches on the lens that may affect vision, and check frames and lenses for signs of wear or possible breakage. Replace your eyewear if it shows any signs of wear or damage.