To Tweet or Not to Tweet: How to Use Social Media to Find, Recruit and Hire Top Job Prospects


Practical Strategies to Use Social Media as a Powerful and Effective Tool in the Recruiting & Hiring Process – and How to Sidestep Potentially Costly Privacy and Discrimination Pitfalls

Presenter: David Cohen, Partner, Strategic Action Group, Ltd
Glen Demby, Editor-in-Chief, HR Compliance Insider
When: Thursday, March 10, 12:00 EST (9 a.m. PST)
Duration: 90 Minutes
Cost: Free for OHS Insider members

Social Media is increasingly becoming one of the HR manager’s most effective tools for identifying, recruiting and running background checks on job prospects.

From Facebook and Linked-In to Twitter, social media is helping HR managers draw upon a larger-then ever base of potential employees and meet hard-to-satisfy recruiting needs.

But how do you use social media effectively?  How do you integrate the new media into your existing recruiting techniques?  How can HR Managers use this potentially rich source of job candidate information to make better hiring decisions?

More importantly, how do you avoid emerging legal pitfalls in using social media, including how to sidestep a growing number of privacy and discrimination concerns related to checking background information?