The 6 Individuals Who’ll Determine the Fate of Reform


Nobody knows what the new Interim Health and Safety Prevention Council is going to do. But we can get a sense of the kinds of legislative proposals we might expect based on who the Council’s members are and the interests they represent.

Significantly, 5 of the Council’s 6 members also served on the original Dean Commission panel, including:

Council Member Affiliation Background & Interest
Joan Eakin Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto Professor Eakin is a researcher who focuses on social dimensions of work and health, including injury causes, workplace social relationships and return-to-work.
Vernon Edwards Health & Safety Director, Ontario Federation of Labour Mr. Edwards’s role will be to advocate the interests of labour the way he did while serving on the original Dean panel.
John A. Macnamara VP, Health & Safety, Hydro One Mr. Macnamara is a veteran corporate safety official, former chair of the WSIB Employers Prevention Liaison Working Group and current President of the Business Council on Occupational Health and Safety.
Domenic Mattina VP, of Sales & Estimating, Mattina Mechanical Ltd. Mr. Mattina brings small business and ownership expertise to the table. His family-run business has achieved ISO certification and won several safety awards.
Carmine Tiano Director of WSIB Advocacy & Occupational Services, Provincial Building & Construction Trades Council of Ontario Mr. Tiano works to promote the rights of injured workers and has expertise in return-to-work and occupational diseases.

The only member of the Council who wasn’t part of the initial Dean Commission is Chairman Kivisto.