Prince Edward Island Year in Review


Law of the Year

Workplace Violence

In Aug., the WCB has revised its Guide to the Prevention of Workplace Violence and Guide to Working Alone Regulations, which provide information on what the law requires, including risk assessments, resources for developing policies and procedures, and practical tips.


Other Notable Regulatory Changes


WCB Policies

In March, the WCB amended the following policies:


In July, the WCB policy Fees for Health Care Services (POL-75) was rescinded and incorporated into the policy, Health Care Providers (POL-64). And the following policies were amended:


In Aug., the following policies were amended:


And in Sept., these policies were amended:


Retail Workers

As of Dec. 15, 2010, retail workers have the right to refuse to work on Sundays provided they give verbal or written notice of their refusal to work at least seven days before any Sunday they don’t want to work. Employers can’t discipline or retaliate against a worker who’s entitled to refuse Sunday employment and who refuses to work on that day.