OHS Insider Month in Review – September 2017: Quebec



Oct. 31: That’s the final day of Advisory Committee consultations on revising the occupational exposure limits for contaminants listed in Annex 1 of the Regulations, i.e., contaminants with OELs that differ from ACGIH exposure values and ratings.

Aug. 30: CNESST issued an angry denial of a Radio-Canada report accusing the agency of dragging its feet on asbestos exposure limits. The OELs for asbestos are under review and no decision has been made, the CNESST insists.

Mining Safety
Aug. 1: New mining OHS Regulations took effect:

  • Addition of 2 modules to Mining Worker’s Modular Training Program covering mining machine operators
  • Requirement that persons in or on surface of underground mine wear high visibility security garment
  • Increase in number of lifeguards required for reconnaissance missions from 2 to 3
  • Requirement for use of SCBA with capacity of at least 4 hours of autonomy for recon missions
  • Revised assessment and maintenance requirements for LED lamps attached to safety helmets in underground mines.