OHS Insider Month in Review – September 2017: Prince Edward Island



Drugs & Alcohol
Sept. 16: Make sure your workers know about the new penalties they face for impaired driving, including the possibility of:

  • Having their vehicle impaired
  • 3 to 5 years of mandatory ignition interlock for second offences
  • Inclusion of driver licence suspensions to the driver’s abstract.

Workers’ Compensation
Aug. 26: The WCB concluded public review of proposed changes to its vocational rehabilitation policy (POL-117) affecting:

  • Eligibility criteria for vocational rehab
  • Types of vocational rehab assistance available
  • Workers’ entitlement to wage loss benefits after completing a vocational rehab program.


Injured Workers

Aug. 1: A 50¢ increase to the breakfast and dinner allowance rates for reimbursing meal expenses incurred by injured workers who have to travel for treatment of work-related injuries took effect (under WCB Policy POL-03: Travel and Related Expenses).