OHS Insider Month in Review – September 2017: Federal


A roundup of new legislation, regulations, government announcements, court cases and arbitration rulings


Oct. 1: Federal OHS officials across the country will be inspecting workplaces to see if employers are complying with the new GHS rules. Even though the official compliance deadline for employers is Dec. 1, 2018, you can still get fined if you can’t show that:

  • Your workers have received the appropriate GHS education and training
  • Your WHMIS labels meet either current or GHS label standards
  • You have either an MSDS or newfangled SDS for each controlled product in your workplace.

Drugs & Alcohol
Sept. 12: As legalized cannabis moves closer to reality, CCOHS issued a new fact sheet on workplace impairment. Recommendations for employers:

  • Assess each case individually
  • Establish a workable substance abuse policy
  • Train supervisors to recognize and respond appropriately to signs of impairment.

OHS Guidance
Sept.: Other new government OHS guidance issued this month include revised fact sheets covering:

Environmental Scorecard
Sept.: Federal MOE fines issued this month:

Fine Offender Offence(s)
$265,000 Fastenal Canada Ltd. (Kitchener, ON) 2 counts of  illegal sale and importation of aerosol products containing HCFCs in violation of ozone depletion regulations
$25,000 Aquatic Kingdom Inc. (ON) Illegal importation of coral in violation of Wild Animal and Plant Protection and Regulation