OHS Insider Month in Review – October 2017: Newfoundland & Labrador



Sept. 25: The WHSCC says that musculoskeletal injuries are the leading cause of workplace injury, accounting for nearly 70% of all lost-time injury claims in the province during the past 5 years. Key figures, published by the agency on the eve of its MSI Prevention week campaign:

 Cause of MSI Workers suffering MSIs per year Workers suffering MSIs per day
Handling patients 1,600 4.4
Handling boxes or containers 530 1.4
Handling building materials or parts 475 1.3
Using tools and equipment 400 1.1

Environmental Assessments
EPA environmental assessment actions in Oct. (so far):

  • Registration of St. Lunaire-Griquet Iceberg Trail Development [Reg. 1932]
  • Registration of Crown Zone 5 Five-Year Operating Plan Lake Ambrose North Amendment [Reg. 1930]
  • Registration of Wabush Scully Mine Reactivation [Reg. 1931]
  • Release of Crown District 19A Five Year Operating Plan [Reg. 1906]
  • Release of Springdale Junction Agriculture Forage and Pasture Land [Reg. 1910]
  • Release of Exploits River Non-Commercial Animal and Vegetable Farm [Reg. 1912]
  • Release of Milton Cidery and Orchard [Reg. 1916]
  • Release of Burin Microbrewery [Reg. 1920]
  • Revision of Release of Sherwood North Pit [Reg. 1915]
  • Appeal of Release of Harbour Breton Fish Meal Plant [Reg.1874]
  • Extension for Change Islands Quarry Access Road [Reg. 1918]
  • Extension for South Dildo Cottage Development [Reg.1919].