OHS Insider Month in Review – August 2017: Ontario



Fall Protection

Oct. 1: That’s the new deadline for employers who’ve received extensions to provide fall protection training to workers working at heights on a construction project.

Suspended Work Platforms

June 13: The MOL issued guidelines to help designers, engineers, owners and suppliers of suspended access equipment on construction projects comply with the new OHS Construction Regulations rules (Secs. 136.1 to 142.06) for suspended work platform systems and boatswain chairs.

OHS Scorecard

July: OHS fines issued this month (listed from most to least recent):

Fine Offender Offence(s)
$50,000 ClubLink Corporation ULC Failure to  install machine guard to block access to wood chipper vent resulting in injury to young worker whose hand was sucked into vent while he was checking to see if air was coming out of it
$200,000 Orbit Garant Drilling Services Inc. Failure to ensure safe exit to diamond drilling workplace and other reasonable precautions after worker killed by falling tree while he was exiting a bulldozer
$65,000 NexCycle Industries Ltd. Recycling plant worker permanently injures wrist while trying to clear jam in cardboard baler that wasn’t locked out. Company fined for failing to guard machine’s pinch point.

Mental Stress

July 7: The WSIB completed public review of its proposed coverage rules for work-related chronic mental stress. The operable word is “chronic,” which means that workers will be covered not just for traumatic stress but “mental stress caused by a substantial work-related stressor, including bullying or harassment.” Decisions or actions affecting the worker’s job duties, work conditions and/or discipline would not be deemed due to work-related chronic stress, according to the WSIB.