OHS Insider Month in Review – August 2017: Federal




July 12: Strict new OHS asbestos rules cut the OEL for asbestos from 1 to 0.1 fibre per cubic centimetre and require employers to implement asbestos exposure management programs providing for:

  • Investigation by a qualified person to determine if work poses low, moderate or high risk of asbestos exposure
  • A training and education plan
  • Use of signs and labels to identify asbestos-containing materials
  • Use of removal, enclosure, encapsulation or other engineering controls
  • Keeping on-site asbestos records available for workers to examine.
    Get Ready for WHMIS Inspections in October

Oct. 1: Federal OHS officers will be conducting WHMIS inspections at worksites across the country to check for compliance with new GHS requirements. From now through Dec. 1, 2018, the official compliance deadline for employers, you’ll need to have documentation showing that:

  • You comply with either current labels/MSDS or new GHS labels/SDS rules; and
  • Your workers have received appropriate GHS training.


June 24: The government proposed new Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act regulations to beef up railway security and head off terrorist threats. Key requirements:

Duty Whom Duty Falls on 
Provide security awareness for workers Rail carriers and consignors who transport dangerous goods
Assess risk and implement security plan Rail carriers and consignors who transport dangerous goods that are “security-sensitive”
Train workers in security plan Rail carriers and consignors who transport dangerous goods that are “security-sensitive”
Conduct security inspections of placarded railway vehicles Rail carriers
Immediately report potential threats to Canadian Transport Emergency Centre Rail carriers
Have a rail security coordinator on staff at all times Rail carriers



June 16: The MOE published Wild Species 2015 assessing the endangerment (or lack thereof) of nearly 30,000 species across Canada. Key finding: 20% of species are at some risk of extinction; the remaining 80% are secure.