OHS Insider Month in Review – August 2017: Alberta



Oil Sands

August: Public consultations are taking place on the government taskforce’s recommendations on what industry should be required to do to implement the 100 megatonne limit on oil sands emissions, including:

  • Mandatory use of Best Available Technology Economically Achievable for new facilities and expansions
  • Submission of non-binding Greenhouse Gas Management Plans
  • Create roadmaps to track costs of deploying innovative abatement technologies.

Workers’ Compensation

July 6: Key recommendations of the new review panel report on reforming Alberta’s workers’ comp system:

  • Make return-to-work a mandatory requirement for injured/ill workers
  • Create new independent office to ensure fairness of the WBC process
  • More assistance with appeals and reviews for workers and employers
  • More physician choices for injured workers
  • Adjust benefits policies that are unfair to workers.