New Worker Training Assessment Form



Employers are required to provide safety training for all workers. But such training is especially important for new workers, who, even if they’re experienced in their profession, are unfamiliar with your workplace and its operations and hazards. So it’s essential that your safety orientation for new workers is adequate and covers all key areas.


Use this form, which is based on a form in Annex D of the CSA Z1001 OHS Training Standard, to assess the adequacy of your training for new workers. In the context of this form a new worker is anyone of any age who’s:

  • New to the workplace;
  • Returning to the workplace after an extended period of time or when the hazards in that workplace have changed in the worker’s absence; or
  • Relocating to a new location in the workplace with different hazards from the previous location.


The Redlands Group

Recorded Webinar: CSA Z1001-2013 OHS Training Standard with Dylan Short

New & Young Worker Compliance Centre

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