Interim Council Holds First Meeting


Feb. 23: The Interim Health and Safety Prevention Council held its first meeting today. The Council, which is headed by former Deputy Minister of Labour Paavo Kivisto, was created on Valentine’s Day. Its mission: Move the Dean Report from the recommendation to legislation stage.

It’s a tall order. Putting the Dean recommendations into effect will require at least 15 changes to the existing OHS Act and/or regulations (or related statutes and regulations).

The crucial first stage of the process is to draft: i. legislative proposals for the government to submit to the Assembly; and/or ii. the changes to the OHS Regulations that the government can implement unilaterally without going through the Assembly. The Council will play a key role in drafting these proposals.

Although it’s still early in the process, we’re rapidly moving toward what will be the make-or-break moment of Ontario OHS reform.

Which of the Dean Report recommendations will the government adopt?

Which recommendations will the government modify?

And which ones will be left on the cutting room floor?

By the time the Council finishes its work, we’ll know the answers to these questions.

Although details of the Council’s first meeting haven’t been released, it’s suspected that the establishment of the new Chief Prevention Officer is at the top of the agenda. And, of course, we’ll keep a close eye on the proceedings and let you know the moment we hear anything.