Criminal Charges at Mill


Evidence warrants criminal charges in worker’s 2004 death at Weyerhaeuser mill in New Westminster

The United Steelworkers Union has won a battle in its fight to have a forest company charged in the death of a B.C. sawmill worker more than six years ago.

Lyle Hewer was killed in November of 2004 while working on a jammed machine at the Weyerhaeuser mill in New Westminster.

The police recommended charges against the company but the Crown never followed through and so the union launched a private prosecution against Weyerhaeuser.

Provincial Court Judge Terese Alexander ruled Wednesday the union presented enough evidence for the process to move forward.Union lawyer Glen Orris said that means Weyerhaeuser will be issued a summons to appear in court, and the Crown will have to make a decision to proceed with a charge or have the case dropped.