Earthquake Preparedness Resources


In response to the tragedy in New Zealand of February 21, where a 6.3-magnitude earthquake has rocked the southern New Zealand city of Christchurch and killed at least 65 people, we have compiled some earthquake preparedness resources from the BC Government for your review.

Earthquakes in Canada are relatively rare. But if your company is based in an area on or near a fault line, find out what you should do to prepare for earthquakes by clicking here.

Prepare Now for an Earthquake in British Columbia
A guide for BC families and individuals to be prepared for an earthquake.

Be Ready for an Earthquake [PDF]
Tips on earthquake safety and preparedness.

Earthquake Survival Guide [PDF]
A handy, perhaps life-saving reminder of what to do to prepare for an earthquake. For carrying in your wallet, purse, glove compartment…. wherever!

Emergency Contact Card [PDF]
Record particulars of your out-of-area contact person to be called by family members following a major emergency, when telephone communication should be limited.

Earthquakes – What To Do? [PDF]
Information to help you and your family prepare for an earthquake.

Simple Seismology [PDF]
A brief explanation of the difference between earthquake Magnitude and Intensity, using the Feb. 28, 2001 earthquake in Washington State as an example.

School Earthquake Safety Guidebook [PDF]
Guidance to schools from the Ministry of Education Capital Planning Branch (Dec 2000 edition)