DOS & DON’TS: [√] Clearly Identify New Workers


Workers who are new to your workplace are particularly vulnerable to injury. According to an IWH study, new workers who’ve been on the job for less than a month had four times as many workers’ comp claims as those who held their current job for more than a year. And if new workers are also under age 25, they’re at even more risk of injury. So it’s a good idea to identify all new workers. For example, because inexperienced workers are sometimes called “green,” some workplaces require new workers to wear green hardhats or green ID tags to identify them. Other options include special stickers or pins, name tags or differently coloured uniforms. This special identification lets everyone in the workplace know that these workers are still learning and may need extra guidance or assistance.

Insider Says: For more information and resources on protecting new (and young) workers, go to the OHS Insider’s New & Young Compliance Centre. And at SafetySmart, you’ll find a safety talk on the 10 questions all young and new workers need answered. Not a subscriber to SafetySmart? Sign up for a free trial.