Do Take Your Own Photos, Measurements, Etc. of Incident Scene


When there’s a safety incident, make sure you take your own photographs, measurements, etc. of the scene as soon as possible. Don’t just rely on the photos and measurements taken by the government officials who respond to the incident.

Believe it or not, government officials aren’t perfect. Their measurements could be wrong and their photos could be misleading. For example, a photo taken from one position might reveal critical information about the cause of the incident, while photos taken from another position would miss this information completely.

A safety coordinator from Ontario knows firsthand the benefits of having your own photos of an incident scene. A worker was killed in a crane incident. Safety inspectors appeared at the scene and took photos and measurements. But the coordinator gathered even more information than the inspectors, including taking numerous photos from various angles. The company was eventually charged with several safety violations. But at trial, the company was able to avoid conviction on some of the charges because its photos showed that the incident couldn’t have happened the way the prosecution claimed it did.