Contractor Pre-Hiring Safety Assessment Checklist



The presence of contractors and subcontractors makes the challenge of controlling workplace hazards that much more difficult. After all, all it takes is one careless contractor work to undo the best laid safety plans of mice and men.

The process of contractor management begins before the job is bid. Companies need to make a determined effort to ensure the contractors and subcontractors they hire are ready, willing and able to do the job safely and in accordance with OHS requirements.


This TOOL is a Checklist you can use to determine whether contractors/subcontractors measure up to your safety standards. The Checklist, which is based on a real life model using by a leading contractor in the mining industry, sets out a list of the key criteria to consider. It’s important to complete the Checklist before you make the hiring decision.

The TOOL can also be given to contractors/subcontractors to fill out themselves to serve as a self-assessment audit and request for documents demonstrating the contractor’s safety credentials.

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