Checklist of Areas Confined Space Emergency Plans Should Cover


Based on information in CSA Z1006, your company’s confined space emergency plan should cover the following areas:

[  ] Personnel: Roles required to carry out rescue plan, including names of individuals performing each role and method for contacting them.

[  ] Entry point details: Location of the confined space’s primary entrance/exit, its elevation above or below grade level and its size (diameter or length and width) should be recorded. This information can be relevant to the retrieval system configuration.

[  ] Tools and equipment: Should include all tools and equipment required, including those needed for potential complications, such as an obstructed pathway.

[  ] Possible injuries: Possible injuries need to be considered because they can affect the choice of retrieval system and the nature of the first aid response (including first aid equipment).

[  ] Retrieval system components

[  ] Anchor point: Note the location and type of retrieval system anchor.

[  ] Mechanical advantage system: Tethering details (i.e., whether workers are attached to a line) should be listed because they can affect the assessment of which types of rescue scenarios the emergency response team may face.

[  ] Assisting devices: Assisting devices are devices that aren’t a part of the mechanical advantage system but facilitate rescues, such as respirators.

[  ] First aid equipment: The injuries included in plan may require special items in order for the first aid responder to intervene effectively. These items should be listed here.

[  ] Plan of action: Spell out the sequence of events to be followed if an incident occurs in sufficient detail to ensure that the rescue is effective.

[  ] Other information: Include the date the plan was developed and any updates to it. Also consider including a drawing of the retrieval system; maps of the floor, area/unit, building, and/or property; and in case of injuries requiring off-site medical attention, the chosen route to the hospital or other healthcare facility.