AROUND THE PROVINCES: Posting Requirements under the OHS Laws


Some health and safety information is so important that the OHS laws require employers to post this information in the workplace to ensure that workers have easy access to it. Some examples include names of the JHSC members, location of first aid kits and rooms,  and copies of any safety orders issued to the employer. This chart shows the types of information employers in general are required to post in the workplace under the OHS laws in each jurisdiction. (Note that the chart doesn’t include requirements for specific types of workplaces, such as mines, or signage requirements.) The OHS laws may also require employers to make certain information “available” to workers. You’re not required to post such information but may do so to comply with the availability requirement.

Insider Says: The OHS laws may not specify where this information should be posted. But to ensure that workers are aware of it, post it in conspicuous areas they have access to and frequent, such as in break rooms or by time clocks.

Under the OHS laws in each jurisdiction, employers must post the following:

FED Canada Labour Code:

1. A copy of Part II of the Code [Sec. 125(1)(d)(i)]

2. A statement of the employer’s general health and safety policy [Sec. 125(1)(d)(ii)]

3. Any other printed material related to health and safety that may be directed by a health and safety officer or that’s prescribed [Sec. 125(1)(d)(iii)]

4. Names, workplace phone numbers and work locations of all of the members of the JHSC or of the health and safety representative [Sec. 125(1)(z.17)]

5. A request for an exemption [Sec. 135(5)]

6. A copy of a direction or report from a health and safety officer [Sec. 145(5)(a)]

Canada OHS Regulations:

1. The telephone number of a contact person to whom health or safety concerns regarding the indoor air quality in the workplace can be directed [Sec. 2.26]

2. A report that an employee is likely to be exposed to a noise exposure level (Lex,8) equal to or greater than 84 dBA [Sec. 7.3(7)(a)]

3. Information regarding first aid to be rendered for any injury, occupational disease or illness [Sec. 16.6(1)(a)]

4. The location of first aid stations and first aid rooms [Sec. 16.6(1)(b)]

5. A list of first aid attendants and information on how they may be located [Sec. 16.6(1)(c)]

6. A list of telephone numbers kept up-to-date for use in emergencies [Sec. 16.6(1)(d)]

7. Information regarding transport procedures for injured employees [Sec. 16.6(1)(e)]

8. The details of its evacuation plans and procedures [Sec. 17.6(2)]

9. A workplace violence prevention policy [Sec. 20.3]

10. Emergency notification procedures to summon assistance where immediate assistance is required in response to workplace violence [Sec. 20.8(2)]

AB OHS Regulation:

1. An order made under the Act that’s relevant to the work site [Sec. 9(1)(a)]

2. A health and safety notice prepared by or for a Director concerning conditions or procedures at the work site [Sec. 9(1)(b)]

3. A copy or record of an acceptance to a requirement under the Act or regulations [Sec. 10(2)(a)]

OHS Code 2009:

1. Descriptions of the signal system used to control the movement of a material hoist [Sec. 85(1)(a)]

2. A code used in a communication system in an underground shaft hoist [Sec. 108(4)]

3. Copies of the minutes of each meeting of the JHSC [Sec. 202(c)]

BC Workers Compensation Act:

1. A notice telling workers where a copy of the Act and the regulations are available for review [Sec. 115(2)(f)]

2. Names and work locations of the JHSC members, reports of the three most recent JHSC meetings and copies of any applicable orders for the preceding 12 months [Sec. 138]

3. An OHS information summary from the workers’ comp board [Sec. 155(4)(a)]

4. An application for a variance under the Act [Sec. 167(1)(a)] and the workers’ comp board’s decision on the variance [Sec. 169(3)]

5. A corrective action report following an incident investigation [Sec. 176(2)(b)]

6. An inspection report [Sec. 183(a)]

7. Notice of a variation or cancellation of an order [Sec. 189(2)]

8. A compliance report and any follow-up reports [Sec. 194(4)(a)]

9. A request for review of an administrative penalty [Sec. 196(4)(a)]

OHS Regulation:

1. An inspection report [Sec. 2.5(1)]

2. Notification of compliance [Sec. 2.6(a)]

3. Any placard issued by the workers’ comp board entitled “Notice to Workers” [Sec. 2.7]

4. Written first aid procedures [Sec. 3.17(2)]

5. Worker instructions under a radiation exposure control plan [Sec. 7.20(2)]

6. An entry permit for a confined space [Sec. 9.13(2)]

7. Confined space atmosphere test results [Sec. 9.26(4)]

8. Written group lockout procedures [Sec. 10.9(7)]

MB Workplace Safety and Health Act:

1. Reports on compliance with improvement orders [Sec. 35(1)(d)]

2. Names of the JHSC members [Sec. 40(9)] and the health and safety representative [Sec. 41(3)]

Workplace Safety and Health Regulation:

1. Names of each JHSC member and date each member’s term of office expires [Sec. 3.11(2)(a)(i)].

2. Scheduled dates of JHSC meetings [Sec. 3.11(2)(a)(ii)], agenda for each meeting [Sec. 3.11(2)(a)(iii)] and copies of the meeting minutes [Sec. 3.11(2)(a)(iv)]

3. If a representative has been designated, the representative’s name, scheduled dates of meetings and the agenda for each meeting [Sec. 3.11(2)(b)]

4. Any improvement order, report or other documentation applicable to the workplace, issued by or recommended to be posted by a safety and health officer [Sec. 3.11(2)(c)]

5. Any order made by the director under Sec. 21 or 40 of the Act [Sec. 3.11(2)(d)]

6. A list of the names and work locations of each first aider [Sec. 5.5(4)(b)(ii)]

7. Working alone safe work procedures [Sec. 9.3(3)]

8. Harassment prevention policy [Sec. 10.3]

9. Violence prevention policy [Sec. 11.5(1)(a)]

10. A written report on a noise exposure assessment [Sec. 12.2]


1. Names of the JHSC members and minutes of the most recent JHSC meeting [Sec. 14(9)]

2. Name of the elected health and safety representative [Sec. 17(4)]

3. A copy of the Act and regulations [Sec. 44(1)(a)]

4. Any notice which an officer considers advisable to enable employees to become acquainted with their rights, liabilities and duties under the Act and regulations [Sec. 44(1)(b)]

5. A code of practice [Sec. 50(4)]

General Regulation:

1. Sketches of permanent anchor points [Sec. 43(2)(c) and 145.2(2)(c)]

2. Emergency procedures if a worker may fall into water or any other liquid [Sec. 51(8)]

First Aid Regulation:

1. The emergency communication procedure employees are to use to summon assistance in the event of an illness or accident [Sec. 5(2)(d)]

2. Names of first aid providers [Sec. 7(2)]

3. The location of first aid kits [Sec. 13(2)]


1. A code of practice [Sec. 36(3)]

2. A health and safety policy if the workplace has less than 10 workers [Sec. 36.2(2)]

3. Names of the JHSC members [Sec. 38(7)] and name of the worker health and safety representative or workplace health and safety designate [Sec. 43]

OHS Regs. 2012:

1. Stop work orders [Sec. 6(1)(a)]

2. The minutes of all regular and special JHSC meetings [Sec. 25(2)]

3. Information about escape routes [Sec. 38(4)]

4. Written group lockout procedures [Sec. 134(7)]

OHS First Aid Regulations:

1. A written notice outlining the policy and procedure for reporting injuries [Sec. 4(2)]

2. Name of the person in charge of the first aid kit or room [Sec. 7(a)]

3. Name and qualifications of each person trained to administer first aid [Sec. 7(b)]

4. An emergency procedure and telephone list or other instructions for reaching the nearest police, ambulance, fire station, hospital or physician [Sec. 7(c)]



General Safety Regulations:

A first aid attendant’s certificate of qualification [Sec. 75(2)]


1. Current names of the JHSC members or the representative and a means of contacting them [Sec. 37(a)]

2. The minutes of the most recent JHSC meeting [Sec. 37(b)]

3. A current copy of the Act [Sec. 38(b)(i)]

4. A code of practice required by the Act or regulations [Sec. 38(b)(ii)]

5. A current phone number for reporting OHS concerns to the Division [Sec. 38(b)(iii)]

6. Where one is required, an OHS policy [Sec. 38(b)(iv)]

7. An order, compliance notice, notice of appeal or decision [Sec. 39(1)(d)] and an edited order [Sec. 39(3)]

8. An application for an appeal [Sec. 67(2)] and notice of appeal [Sec. 69(4)]

9. An application for a deviation from the regulations [Sec. 83(4)(b)] and a copy of the decision on such application [Sec. 83(11)(a)(i)]

Occupational Safety General Regulation:

Currently valid certification of confined space conditions [Sec. 131(3)]

OHS First Aid Regulations:

1. The location of the first aid supplies and location or phone number of the first aid attendant [Sec. 9(2)]

2. Emergency telephone numbers [Sec. 17(2)(d)]


1. Names and work locations of the JHSC members [Sec. 9(32)]

2. Annual WSIB summary [Sec. 12(2)]

3. A copy of the Act and any explanatory material from the Ministry outlining the rights, responsibilities and duties of workers [Sec. 25(2)(i)] (explanatory material may be posted as part of the poster required under Sec. 2 of the Employment Standards Act 2000 [Sec. 25(3.1)])

4. The OHS policy [Sec. 25(2)(k)]

5. Accurate records of the levels of biological, chemical or physical agents in the workplace [Sec. 26(1)(f)]

6. Workplace harassment and violence policies [Sec. 32.0.1(2)]

7. An order regarding the use of biological, chemical or physical agents in the workplace [Sec. 33(3)]

8. An order [Sec. 57(10)(a)] and a notice of compliance with an order [Sec. 59(3)]

Designated Substances Regulation:

Results of monitoring of airborne concentrations of a designated substance and worker exposure to airborne concentrations of a designated substance [Sec. 25(a)]


1. Names of the current JHSC members or the health and safety representative and the means of contacting them [Sec. 27(7)(a)]

2. The minutes of the most recent JHSC meeting [Sec. 27(7)(b)]

3. A code of practice required by the Act or regulations [Sec. 27(8)(b)(i)]

4. A current phone number for reporting OHS concerns [Sec. 27(8)(b)(ii)]

5. Where required, an OHS policy [Sec. 27(8)(b)(iii)]

General Regulations:

1. Names and phone numbers of first aid providers [Sec. 9.5(2)]

2. Emergency telephone numbers [Sec. 9.14(2)]

3. Names of all persons designated to handle, transport, prepare or use dynamite or other high explosives [Sec. 26.2(b)]

QC An Act respecting Occupational Health and Safety:

1. Names of the members of the employer’s personnel to be responsible for health and safety matters [Sec. 51(2)]

2. All information transmitted by the Commission, the agency and the physician in charge [Sec. 51(10)]

2. Names of the members of the JHSC [Sec. 80]

3. Any remedial orders issued to the company [Sec. 183]

SK The Saskatchewan Employment Act(Part III):

1. Any prescribed notice [Sec. 3-12(b)]

2. Names of the JHSC members [Sec. 3-25(1)] or health and safety representative [Sec. 3-25(2)]

3. Compliance undertaking or notice of contravention [Sec. 3-42(b)]

4. A written report on the progress made towards remedying a contravention of the Act or regulations [Sec. 3-43(a)(ii)]

5. Occupationally related injury and illness statistics for the place of employment [Sec. 3-64(5)]

6. Notices of exemptions granted by the director [Sec. 3-76(1)(a)]

7. Decision by the director and written reasons for it [Sec. 3-76(1)(b)]

8. Notice of any stay by the director or an adjudicator of all or any portion of a decision pursuant to Sec. 3‑57 [Sec. 3-76(1)(c)]

OHS Regulations:

1. The harassment policy [Sec. 36(2)(b)]

2. Copy of the JHSC meeting minutes [Sec. 42(1)(c)]

3. The fire safety plan [Sec. 360(3)(b)]


1. Any notice relating to the administration or enforcement of this Act or the regulations that the director requires to be posted [Sec. 31]

2. An order or inspection report from a safety officer [Sec. 41]

3. An order respecting hazardous substances [Sec. 48(3)]

OHS Regulations:

1. Confined space entry permit [Sec. 2.09(1)]

2. Confined space atmosphere test results [Sec. 2.18(3)]

3. Written group lockout procedures [Sec. 3.05(6)]

Minimum First Aid Regulations:

1. A notice stating the necessity of reporting promptly all injuries and receiving first aid treatment [Sec. 18.02(4)(a)]

2. The location of first aid supplies, equipment and services [Sec. 18.02(4)(b)]

3. Name of the particular person in charge of the first aid kit or room [Sec. 18.02(4)(c)]

4. Name and qualifications of each person trained to administer first aid at the workplace [Sec. 18.02(4)(d)]

5. An emergency communication procedure and a telephone list or other instructions for

reaching assistance from each of the nearest police station, ambulance station, fire station

and medical facility [Sec. 18.02(4)(e)]