Injured Worker Goes 0-for-4 on His Workers’ Comp Appeal

1. Indoor pool membership
2. Travel to and from the pool
3. A cell phone
4. Continuation of massage therapy

Those were the 4 things a worker with a work-related back strain wanted workers’ comp to pay for. WHSCC, as it was then known, said NO to all 4. The worker appealed but to no avail. In order: 1. The medical evidence didn’t prove that the indoor pool whirlpool treatment was effective in treating his injury; 2. Since the pool treatment wasn’t covered neither were the related travel expenses; 3. Paying for a phone so he could call for help in case his car got a flat while traveling for treatment and thus wouldn’t have to change his own tire wasn’t a real medical expense and too far removed from the coverage workers’ comp is designed to provide; and 4. WHSCC’s decision to stop massage therapy due to its lack of results in this case was reasonable [20188584 (Re), 2018 CanLII 41335 (NB WCAT), May 10, 2018].