How to Audit Your OHS Program to Improve Its Effectiveness

Once you’ve developed and implemented an OHS program, don’t just assume that it’s working as intended, effectively protecting workers and ensuring compliance with the OHS laws. You must periodically audit the program by measuring relevant indicators and evaluating the results.

But which indicators should you measure? And how do you properly evaluate the results of those measurements?

Get the answers to those and other audit questions on Dec. 6, 2012 at “How to Measure and Evaluate Your Safety, Health & Environmental Program,” a webinar with speaker Pamela Walaski CSP, CHMM, President of JC Safety & Environmental, Inc.

This 90-minute online seminar will cover the newest methods of measuring your OHS program’s effectiveness for more meaningful results that will help lower the risk of serious incidents dramatically. You’ll learn:

  • What components of your program to measure
  • Which metrics to use and how to track them
  • How to interpret your findings
  • Key ways to identify components of your program that are working and those that should be dropped
  • How to integrate metrics when you set up a new OHS program
  • Ways to add metrics to an existing program
  • How to distinguish leading indicators from lagging ones
  • How to use metrics to actually design risk out of your procedures
  • And much more.

Attendance at webinars is FREE for Pro Members (just register). Others can register here—and if you do so by Nov. 29, 2012, you’ll save $50!

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