How Big a Fine Should an Employer Get for a First Offence Forklift Fatality?

An employer awaited sentence after pleading guilty to an OHS forklift violation with a penalty range of between $17,179 and $68,721. The prosecutor asked for a $48,106 fine, while the employer contended that $24,000 was an appropriate amount. The Court of Québec came down in-between and imposed a $36,000 fine. The employer failed to provide adequate training to a worker who lost his life as a result; but it also accepted responsibility by pleading guilty. And since this was a first offence, the Court didn’t think it was necessary to increase the fine to deter future violations [CNESST v. Entreprise RSLB inc., 2021 QCCQ 11459 (CanLII), November 8, 2021].