Handout on Mobile Devices on Worksites


The hazards related to using mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets, etc. while driving are pretty well known. But using such devices in the workplace, such as on a construction site or in a factory, also poses risks. For example, mobile devices are distracting and can prevent workers from hearing alarms or oncoming equipment.


Give this handout, which is based on one created by the IHSA in Ontario, to workers as a supplement to a safety or toolbox talk on the use of mobile devices on the job. Adapt it for the mobile device policies and OHS program in your workplace and any requirements in your jurisdiction’s OHS laws.

If your company has a health and safety policy on the use of mobile devices on worksites, review it with your workers as part of the safety talk. Point out any designated safe work areas where they’re allowed to use their mobile devices. Be clear on who the policy applies to (subcontractors, temporary workers, etc.) and what the consequences will be if they violate the policy.