Give Your Workers 10 Tips for Safe Motorcycling Driving

As safety professionals, your primary concern is ensuring the safety of workers on the job. But it’s also in your best interest to keep workers safe when they’re off duty, too. After all, if a worker gets hurt at home, his injury may impact his ability to do his job or to do it safely—if he can even work at all.

In that spirit, sharing off-duty safety tips with workers is a good idea. For example, now that spring weather seems to be here at last, workers who own motorcycles may start taking them out for a ride.

To help keep workers safe when driving motorcycles, give them these 10 tips from the Insurance Bureau of Canada:

  1. Drive what you can control. Often, people buy motorcycles that are too powerful for them to handle. Ask your dealer if you can test drive the bike before you buy it.
  2. Take a safety course. Be aware of your limits on a motorcycle. What would happen if you had to quickly avoid an incident?
  3. Ride according to weather and road conditions. Check the forecast and keep your eyes on the road ahead.
  4. Wear a DOT (Department of Transportation) approved helmet. Choose the helmet best suited for how you ride and replace it every five years.
  5. Wear clothing that will protect you in a fall. Heavy denim or leather jackets and pants aren’t just stylish; they help prevent nasty cuts and burns if you fall.
  6. Stay focused on the road. The cold reality is that motorcyclists are 30 times more likely to die in a collision than people in a car, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.
  7. Always be seen. Assume car drivers can’t see you, so leave them plenty of room. Also, wear clothing or reflective materials that allow you to be seen.
  8. Ride in the proper position in the lane. Know where you should be positioned in the lane and never drive along the middle of the lane where there’s oil build up from cars.
  9. Practice riding with others. When riding as a group form a staggered pattern and establish hand signals that all of the riders understand.
  10. Stop frequently. Being rested will help you focus on the roads.