Get Your Workers More Engaged in the OHS Program

The success of a company’s OHS program depends on many players, including the JHSC, senior management, supervisors and workers. If any of these groups is disengaged, then the OHS program won’t be as effective as it could be—if it’s effective at all.

We recently asked how you thought your workers would describe their engagement in your OHS program. It was reassuring to see that 63% said engaged and another 11% said actively engaged.

Unfortunately, that left 26% who thought their workers would say they were disengaged in the OHS program.

What can those employers do to get their workers more engaged? Taking what’s called a “lean” safety approach can improve worker engagement.

Watch this recorded webinar given by Robert B. Hafey, author of Lean Safety: Transforming Your Safety Culture with Lean Management, to learn some strategies for getting worker interest and buy-in for the OHS program and workplace safety in general, such as by:

  • Proactively engaging workers in a meaningful safety improvement program
  • Conducting safety walks and “kaizen” blitzes
  • Treating incidents and near misses as opportunities to improve workplace safety instead of chances to impose discipline.

For more on improving your company’s safety culture, see:

And go to Safety Smart for a safety talk on teamwork and culture. Not a subscriber to SafetySmart? Sign up for a free trial.