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Forgive me if you got a bunch of blanks. I’m having a hard time posting this for some reason. Here’s Alan’s response:
First, I was given to understand that the question related to Ontario.
But, for Manitoba, this person has it mostly correct, but not completely.
In Manitoba, the general rule is that a person is entitled to a day’s wages for a statutory holiday. So if a person normally works 3 days a week, at 8 hours a day, then the statutory holiday pay requirement is 8 hours. However, if either of the following is true, then the calculation is 5% of the regular, i.e. non-overtime hours in the prior 4 week period:
The hours of work vary from day to day; or
The wages paid vary from pay period to pay period.
This later condition would be true for employees who received incentive or exception pay, such as bonuses, commissions or piece work or where employees were paid a different hourly rates for different types of work.