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Nope. Neither the ESC nor Labour Relations Act (for unionized workplaces) say anything about handbooks or what they should contain. Such standards as exist would come not from legislation but best practices. IMHO, a good handbook should cover 2 basic areas: terms of employment and workplace conduct.
Terms of Employment would include Payment of Wages, Source Deductions, Work Scheduling, Hours of Work, Minimum Wage, Overtime, Call-in Pay, Stat Holiday Pay, Vacations, Leaves of Absence, Termination, Pay Equity, Other Benefits
Code of Conduct should address Attendance & Absenteeism, Drugs & Alcohol, Fitness for Duty, Equal Opportunity & Non-Discrimination, Anti-Bullying & Harassment, Workplace Violence, Conflict of Interest, Computer & Internet Use, Confidential & Proprietary Info, Personal Privacy, Data Security, Gifts & Entertainment, Workplace Romance, Dress Code, Off-Duty Conduct, Smoke-Free Workplace, Accommodations, EAP, Disciplinary Procedures
Hope that helps. Glenn