It’s crucial that your workplace is prepared for a flu outbreak, or worse, an unusual pandemic.

First you need to convince senior management that pandemic and flu planning are essential. Once you have management support, you should create a plan for dealing with a flu outbreak or pandemic should one happen, making sure the plan doesn’t violate workers’ privacy rights. You should also take steps to protect workers from getting sick in the first place, such as by setting up a workplace flu vaccine clinic.

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The Evolution of a Flu Pandemic: Issues for Employer Response

Alt TagCurrently, there are 34 confirmed cases of H1N1 in Canada. This rapid spread has, in part, prompted the World Health Organization (WHO) to upgrade its pandemic alert level from phase 4 to phase 5. Read More…

How to Persuade Management to Invest in Influenza Planning

Alt Tag The SARS outbreak in Canada resulted in a $2 billion loss to the economy. So you can imagine the possible impact an influenza pandemic would have on your company’s finances. Read More…

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