Failing to Properly Store Materials Results in $65,000 Fine

Workers for a company that designs, fabricates and erects concrete panels were moving two large, heavy panels to a storage area in the yard using a crane. The panels were to be stored on top of several horizontal pillars. After the crane lowered the panels onto the pillars, a worker removed the nylon sling that attached the panels to the crane. The panels tipped over and fell onto the worker, who suffered broken bones, lacerations and crushing injuries. The MOL investigation found that the panels were placed on pillars that were uneven and sloped, which violated the Industrial Establishments Regulation. The company was fined $65,000 for failing to ensure material, articles or things were transported, placed or stored so they didn’t tip, collapse or fall and endanger a worker [RES Precast Inc., Gov’t. News Release, Match 22, 2016].