Does Off-Duty Paramedic Get Workers’ Comp for Off-Duty Injury?

Illustrating the truth of the axiom “no good deed goes unpunished,” a paramedic hurt his bicep while delivering emergency care that saved a man’s life. The problem is that he did while he was off-duty attending a music festival. So, his employer claimed the injury wasn’t work-related under workers’ comp. Five years of litigation later, the Workers’ Comp Appeals Tribunal ruled that providing assistance in a medical emergency wasn’t activity of a personal nature but the kind of activity a paramedic’s job required. But the paramedic would have to wait nearly another 3 years for the Ontario Supreme Court to find the Tribunal ruling “reasonable” and uphold his workers’ comp benefits
[Corp. of the County of Simcoe v. Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal, 2018 ONSC 1319 (CanLII), March 1, 2018].