Woman Down!


So I don’t usually write for OHS Insider – in fact, I never write for OHS Insider.

I’m actually the man behind the curtain, more like the “rigger” than the great and all-knowing Oz.

My name is Rick Tobin, and I’m the product manager for OHS Insider.

My job involves working with Robin and Glenn to make sure their content gets posted, formatting tools, researching what our members are looking for and communicating it back to the Editors – basically, and in short, I see all this valuable Safety Compliance information weeks and months before you do, and I do my little part to make sure it is accessible.

You’d think that given my proximity to the best safety compliance information in Canada that I, and all the people around me, would be some of the safest people in the world – almost like some middle-aged Justice League with corner bumpers and knee pads. Unfortunately, last night I found out that this just isn’t the case…

Funny thing is that Saturday morning I sent out a brief email to all the Editors that we should blog today about the snow that fell from Cowboy’s Stadium and took out a few reporters – something about winter being far from over and that even though we get a little complacent 2 months into the season, it is still a very dangerous time to be outside. So about 5 minutes after the Packer’s won the Super Bowl, my wife (being the Saint that let me sit on the couch with nachos and bratwurst all afternoon) was walking the dog and slipped on the just plowed ice rink that was my road. SNAP!

To make a long story short… it was a good thing she just threw her coat over her PJs to walk the dog – because that flannel insulated her while she crawled on her hands, knees and belly the 2 blocks back to the house (note my obvious sarcasm). So we spent Super Bowl night with the kids bundled up at the emergency room, my wife in her new pink cast, and me trying to figure out how I am going to work from home, drive kids to school and Karate, and manage for the weeks she’s in bed…. While also trying to cope with the fact that there is nothing I can do to make her feel better… but I have a feeling that Michael Keaton might have made this Mr.Mom business look too easy.

One slip on the ice… Super Woman Down!

I suppose my wife managed all along, working, taking more than the lion’s share of the work with the kids, taking more than the lion’s share of taking care of me… I suppose she deserves the rest, but I feel awful in saying that I am not looking forward to this.

It does lend me some better perspective though of what a lot of our members go through when they or someone close to them is in an accident. When they are confronted with the fact that income will be lost, that a lot of needed resources will be lost, and that everything that you NEED to do in the day will still need to be done, but you won’t be able to do them – at least not all of them… at the very least, not as well. (I think the kids are very afraid.)

So it may seem like Winter is dredging on. It may seem like the snow and ice are becoming old hat. In fact, you may be getting too familiar with the sleet and cold that you are starting to think of yourself as invincable… thing is, your not!

There was a reason why your mom always said be careful, winter is dangerous! So dangerous and powerful it took out the only Super Woman I know.

There are a lot of great Winter Safety resources on OHS Insider – trust me when I say, “it’s worth the time reading them again, you never know when Winter will jump out and get you.”

Oh, and my wife wanted me to write that no matter how lazy or begrudgingly you go out to walk the dog at night, take the time to change and put on some pants (even sweats).

Here are some of those great Winter Safety resources I mentioned: