Top 10 Pieces of Content on OHS Insider from 2014


At the beginning of a new year, it’s typical to look back at the prior year. In that spirit, we’ve posted a review of the key new laws, regulations, cases and other news from each jurisdiction that we covered in 2014.

In addition, here are the pieces of content on the, including articles, blog posts, tools, etc., that were most popular in 2014. Did your favorite make the list?

  1. Fall Protection Plan Template (You can find more tools like this one in the OHS Insider Toolbox.)
  2. Test Your OHS I.Q.: Is Firing Worker for Violating Company Cell Phone Policy Excessive? (You can find all our quizzes on the Quick Quiz page.)
  3. Spot the Safety Violation: Be Wary When Using Compressed Air
  4. Know the Laws: Cold Stress and Workplace Temperature Standards
  5. The Importance of Good Housekeeping in Your Workplace
  6. Spot the Safety Violation: When Good PPE Goes Bad
  7. Spot the Safety Violation: 12 Scaffolding Dos & Don’ts
  8. Spot the Safety Violation: Caution Tape ≠ Proper Guardrail
  9. New Study Finds One Sick Worker Can Infect Half the Workplace
  10. Spot the Safety Violation: It’ll Hit You Like a Tonne of Bricks

Clearly the Spot the Violation pieces are very popular. Don’t forget that we add a new one to the website every Friday. Did you know that the website has a page dedicated to these pieces? And that you can download each one as a PDF or Word document and post  or otherwise use it in your workplace?

Do you have pictures of safety hazards or workers engaged in unsafe conduct? Send them to us at and we may use them in a future Spot the Safety Violation.