Poll Results: Best Ways to Reduce Workplace Fatalities


Unfortunately, thousands of workers die on the job in Canada every year. There are many different theories on how to reduce the number of workplace fatalities.

Last week, we asked what you think are the best strategies. Here’s what you had to say:

  • 19 responses: Require companies to have injury prevention programs
  • 13 responses: Increased inspections of workplaces
  • 11 responses: Criminal prosecution of responsible managers, owners, officers and/or directors
  • 11 responses: More worker fines for safety violations
  • 9 responses: Have agencies responsible for workplace safety enforcement focus more on employer assistance
  • 7 responses: Higher fines for safety violations.

I thought these results were a little surprising. For example, I wasn’t expecting to see an equal number of people in favour of increased criminal prosecution of officers, directors and the like and more fines imposed on workers.

Do the poll results surprise you at all? For instance, did you think so many people would actually welcome more workplace inspections? Can you think of other ways to reduce workplace fatalities? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.