CSA Releases Draft Ergonomics Standard for Comment


The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) released a draft standard Workplace Ergonomics, Z1004 for public review and comment. Deadline for comments: May 16, 2010.

Why should you care? Because the OHS laws require companies to protect workers from ergonomics hazards, such as poor design, repetitive motion and excessive force or vibration, that can cause what’s alternately called musculoskeletal, soft tissue or repetitive motion injuries. And these laws often adopt voluntary standards such as those issued by CSA. So your jurisdiction could very well make the new CSA ergonomics standard the law of the land once it’s been finalized.

What the Standard Covers
The proposed ergonomics standard includes requirements and guidance for the systematic application of ergonomics principles to the development, design, use, management and improvement of work systems. The process for doing so is outlined in the standard and applies to all types and sizes of companies.

Importance of Providing Feedback
Providing feedback on the draft standard is your chance to be heard. So if you want to ensure that the proposed standard will work with your company’s OHS program, now is the time to speak up.

You can download the CSA Z1004 Workplace Ergonomics draft standard as a PDF file.  Submit your comments on the standard directly to CSA by 1) scrolling down to “Z1004 Workplace ergonomics” on the CSA Public Review web page and 2) clicking on the “comments” icon.

When submitting comments, follow these guidelines:

  • Organize comments in clause order (identify each clause number);
  • Identify each comment type as technical, editorial or general; and
  • For proposed changes to technical content, include proposed wording and rationale for the change.

Submission Due Date
Reminder: The deadline for submitting comments to the CSA is May 16, 2010.