Discount Compliance Posters for OHS Insiders

Instant piece-of-mind. Instant time savings. No more hassles: Labor Law Compliance Posters with SafeGarde.

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At, they make it simple to quickly and easily meet the employee notification requirements and recommendations specified by U.S. and Canadian labor laws.

They make it easy to save money and hundreds of hours by avoiding costly, time-consuming tasks like:

  • Regularly researching laws in states and provinces where you operate
  • Creating materials to meet labor law communication requirements
  • Packaging and shipping materials to all of your locations

Their labor law solutions are accurate and backed by our legal research team, and all posters come with their Basic Protection Plan, which provides free updates if there are required labor law notification changes within 30 days of your purchase. Plus, they’re licensed in Canada to publish labor law information, and they provide complete coverage of all U.S. states and Canadian provinces.

USE DISCOUNT CODE OHS20 and save 20% as an OHS Insider

What is SafeGarde?

SafeGarde is the most convenient, cost-effective option for managing your labour law postings. Customers choosing this extended protection plan receive a one-year commitment from Bongarde to update any poster, free of charge, when required because of changes in labour laws. Specifically, SafeGarde customers receive the following:

  • Advance email notification of any labour law poster updates
  • Free poster updates when required due to labour law changes
  • Free shipping of updated posters

Even better, in future years, you simply renew your SafeGarde subscription and pay a fraction of the cost of updating your posters each year. One decision, once a year, and you’ve got simple, complete coverage.