Director Fined over Conduct with MOL Inspector

During a visit to a construction project where a contractor was building a self-service car wash, an MOL inspector saw a worker on the roof without fall protection or a hard hat.  When the inspector paid a follow-up visit to the site, the contractor’s director was there acting as a supervisor. The director uttered profanities at the inspector, told him to leave the project and made threatening gestures and comments towards him. The director also refused to show identification to the inspector when requested. Another inspector later visited the site and requested a Notice of Project or a Form 1000, which the contractor couldn’t supply. It was ordered to provide the documentation but didn’t do so by the deadline. The contractor and director were convicted of OHS violations at trial. The court fined the contractor $29,500 and the director $8,500 [Starland Contracting Ltd. and Murad Ebeid, Govt. News Release, March 14, 2014].