Cyberbullying Prevention Policy

You can’t fight digital harassment with an analog policy.

Workplace bullying is an old problem with a new face. In the internet age, bullying has become more pervasive and more virulent—all it requires is a cell phone and a vendetta. Like old-fashioned bullying, cyberbullying inflicts mental distress and harms business in the form of higher absenteeism and diminished productivity. Failing to protect employees from being cyberbullied also exposes your organization to liability risks under OHS, human rights and other laws.

What does it take to stamp out workplace cyberbullying? The starting point is to implement a clear policy. A cyberbullying policy can be combined with your existing workplace bullying policy or implemented as a stand-alone. Although there’s no such thing as one-size-fits all, the template below is a good starting point because it includes the basic elements you need.